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 Carol is a very special person, with skills of a dog trainer unmatched by anyone in the area. Carol showed a sincere interest in training the Devil’s daughters, Desi and Lucie. These two 4-month old Yorkie puppies were definitely a handful, to say the least. Carol used sound coaching and training techniques that enabled us to understand and make great progress with their training.

Carol came highly recommended by our veterinarian, and we are so happy that they recommended her. We hired Carol for the five weekly lessons and were not disappointed in the results she was able to produce for us. The training is ongoing, but we know that we can call upon her for any advice, should the need arise. One cannot go wrong in hiring Carol.

Thanks Carol,  Ed & Candy

Carol provided reward-based obedience training for our one-year old rescue pup, focusing on name recognition, coming when called and leash walking. We also received guidance on separation anxiety, encouraging calm behavior, and traveling with our pet. Carol clearly has a love of animals and prioritizes their safety and well-being (both in the home and outdoors). Our pup looked forward to her visits and we were very pleased with her services. Linda & Tom

Carol Harris is an excellent puppy trainer. She worked with my family and our 4 month old Yorkichon puppy, Coco. We hired her for 5 sessions and Carol was always prepared, punctual and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Carol Harris.  Monica S.

Very informative , organized,and connected well with Buster. She made training fun for both Buster and us, well worth the money. Always on time, it was truly a good experience !🐶🐶🐶  Brenda & Rick G. 

Smokey Joe, our 7-lb, Yorkie-Poo (with some other stuff mixed in), was a wild man, er, dog. When we would try to get him to come to us to take him out to "conduct his business", he would think it was a game of tag (and we were "it"). He was so fast and nimble that we could not catch him. Carol Harris met Smokey Joe and us and within the 1st half hour of his 1st lesson, Smokey was behaving better. Carol was very good with him and patiently explained to us how we would have to behave to improve Smokey's behavior. We liked the old Smokey Joe, but we like the new Smokey Joe even better thanks to Carol's efforts. I would unreservedly recommend Carol as an outstanding trainer for any of your dog's issues. Steve B 
 Carol became a huge part in the transformation of my rescue dachshund Jasmine from a scared/unsocialiized/skeleton of a dog, to a wonderful family pet and best friend. I've rescued and rehab'ed many dachshunds, but Jasmine was significantly more affected by her prior living conditions, and it became evident, literally from day one that i adopted her, that i would need help with her. Thank you Carol....Your love and devotion to Jasmine (and sister Lily) has been more than I could ever ask for! If you need a loving and caring and extremely dedicated and loving dog trainer.....Carol is it!!! Lauren S.
Carol did an amazing job helping me handle my puppy much better. Her training both individually and in class has made Bear a better behaved dog! Meghan T.
Carol was amazing. We had a unique situation when getting our third dog. I was overwhelmed as the new dog had behaviors that would set off the other two dogs. Although I trained our first dog as a service dog for children with autism, I was not able to train our new dog myself. Carol came in and within the first session, left me with tools that I could do myself and even helped me with the other two dogs. Change in our new dog was amazing. I learned so much from her in just a few sessions. HIGHLY Recommend ! Joyce A.
We know Carol is the real deal. Our dog (Mia) is very sensitive and Mia loves Carol. Carol really gets through to Mia. Paul M
Carol was wonderful working with our chocolate lab puppy!! He is now a wonderful obedient dog, thanks to Carol!! We couldn't have done it without her! 💚💜🐶 Caren S
Puppy Training for my 14 week old Siberian Husky was simple and easy with Carol. Her laid back, loving personality worked well with our home. It amazed me how fast she trained my puppy and the simple things she taught me that trained ME to be a better pet owner. I HIGHLY recommend Carol Harris! Kathy F.
I have attended her puppy training classes and they are fabulous. I am a local pet sitter and send clients to her. I have also sought her advice in situations I have encountered and her advice was certainly excellent and helpful. I will continue to refer clients to her for dog training. June C
We loved Carol! She showed insight, warmth, patience, and humor when she helped us train and integrate our rescue pup into our busy home. We would highly recommend her services! Suzy W
From our first training session to our last, Carol was engaged, informative and enthusiastic. Rather than dictating what each session would entail, she listened to our specific concerns about our puppy and tailored our sessions to best fit our priorities. Our puppy Murray began training with a very minimal understanding of commands, and after completing his final session, is consistently sitting, staying and coming, as well as responding to his name when called, and more. It was evident that Carol's approach to training is one focused on not only improving the dog's behavior, but also on ensuring the owners have the tools they need for continued success with their dog. We couldn't be happier with our choice to hire Carol - highly recommended! Llindsey B
Carol was very nice and did a great job with our dog. i would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer. James B
We interviewed Carol who explained her background & experience. She then went on to work with our new dog and teach her a few things. She will be coming 2 hrs a week to train our dog starting Monday Dec 5, 2016. Thank you for your help, it was Very Useful. Douglas M
Very pleased with first session. Carol was on time and very professional. Our inattentive, rambunctious lab puppy responded to her immediately and also to us after we received Carol's instruction. She tailored the training to our specific needs, explained techniques in detail, answered all questions and provided follow up literature to review after the session. She also sent further information through email the next day. Laura C
Carol is a wonderful trainer. My puppy is quite small and in the two sessions we have had Carol has been terrific. She also answers questions I have between sessions and I do have numerous questions regarding my puppy. I highly recommend Carol Harris if you are looking for a top rate dog trainer. Michael R
Carol is awesome working with our Great Dane puppy! Very knowledgeable and professional. Anna H
Carol is a gentle, caring trainer. Our dog welcomed her at each session and had no fear of her. She trained him according to our needs and helped with a couple behavior issues as well. Our dog is a rescued three year old Terrier. Marilyn A
Carol was great. Brady was very responsive to her commands and looked forward to her visits. Although he is very smart, Carol gave him the tools to learn. Pam M
She was wonderful with our puppy ...she recommended a great vet and we had lots of fun at puppy kindergarten...she is very good with little dogs and I recommend her training ideas. Lacy M
Carol was wonderful! She came highly recommended from our vet, so our expectations were high. She not only lived up to our expectations but she surpassed them! I can't recommend her highly enough. It's so nice living with a well-behaved puppy thanks to Carol!  Kathy K.
Carol gets the job done - gets right to the solutions you and your best friend need to make the relationship good for you both. Amazing results!  Lew D. 
Carol was wonderful!!!! My husband and I were so pleased with her knowledge and the way our dog Dixie responded and took to her!!! She was very professional and took the time to explain things! We would definitely recommend Carol to friends and family and we already have! Thank you Carol!!  Kelly F.
Great experience with Carol helping train our golden retriever. Her training was great and professional. She’s got a great work ethic and was a pleasure to work with.  John Paul C. 
 Carol is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Five weeks ago Harley would jump when greeting someone and would constantly pull the leash when we would try to take walks. Five weeks later, Harley can do a sit/stay, no longer jumps and walks calmly on a leash. With Carols help she had given us the tools to have a better pet/owner relationship!  Sabrina G.

Carol is definitely a puppy whisperer!  We were having issues with biting and other problems, and after 5 sessions, we have a much more mellow easy going pup.  I definitely recommend a few sessions with Carol.  We were left with the confidence and tools to better educate our little fur baby.  Veronica

I am pleased to say I have used Carol Harris as a trainer for my dog Gracie since she was a young puppy.  She is very knowledgeable on every facet of training and with patience and kindness.  I highly recommend her for your dog.  Phyllis
 Hi my name is Lucy & I was lucky to have Carol as my trainer. I always looked forward to our training she had so much patience with me, I have a lot of energy & she knew just what to do to set me on the right path. She was kind and oh those cookies I got when I was good! I still work with my Mom everyday & we are both doing ok and if we ever have a problem Carol is just a phone call away. I hope you are lucky enough to have Carol as your trainer she is just great 🐾. Lucy and Carol I.